#Trend: Real Beauty is Natural !

#Trend: Real Beauty is Natural !

The nice surprise of the latest New York Fashion Week? The growing trend for natural products and more important the need to be authentic. Back to Basic!


If you go on Instagram, you will probably read the trendy hashtag "No filter" which means that no filter was used to retouch the picture because what we see did not require corrections.

As if we wanted to see and retransmit things as they really are... good news!
And the trend goes even further with another #NoMakeUp hashtag.
Initiated by big names like Alicia Keys who have definitely said #NO in makeup, today we do not wear makeup or very little and we show it proudly on social networks!


To go for a natural makeup it is essential to take care of our skin, starting with a deep cleaning twice a month but also with a specific care that drains and re-pulps.
A little massage idea? With both hands and fingertips, tap dynamically from the base of the neck. Reassemble towards the chin, then on the cheeks passing by the temples. Go down again by doing the same movement. Do it 5 times.
This action stimulates all the muscles, boosts the microcirculation and eliminate the toxins.

A cream must be made of natural elements. If you ask the question “how to know it?” Just ask yourself if you would eat the product ingredients because this is literally what your skin does ... The skin eats the entire plate by absorbing all that is offered ! (Like us, on Christmas Eve, when we picked up 3 times the dessert).


Imperfections are now the charm of today! We do not hide anything: the freckles can finally live in freedom, we even assume the regrowth of the eyebrows!Same trend for face care. A good cream is enough, no need to superimpose three. We want our skin to breathe. So what do we keep? Blush, light colors, beautiful lipsticks and all that make us happy! As makeup is above all a game, no question of depriving ourselves.


And if what we should banish is stress?This trend comes mainly from the fact that today we want to feel good. We pay attention to what we eat, we take time for us, we do yoga, we do everything we want!And if your pleasure is about drinking a good wine... we come to party with you!Because when you feel fulfilled, you feel beautiful! Isn’t it?

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