Skin make up !

Skin make up !

Among various skin cares known for their benefits and fast action, exfoliation is one of the simplest actions to undertake.

Exfoliation will be used to remove all dead skin cells that are accumulated on skin surface. Pollution, lifestyle, climate ... many factors play a role in this phenomenon.

An exfoliating treatment will help to maintain a right light complexion and enhance skin softness.

Outside the immediate beautifying effect, exfoliation stimulates epidermal microcirculation and regeneration mechanisms which, in the context of an anti-aging treatment, is particularly recommended.

Exfoliation will not make your skin dry but at the contrary will improve skin absorption of active ingredients applied via the use of cosmetic creams.

Manual exfoliation works with a product intended for this use. It consists of doing light circular massages from the neck to the top of the face with an uniform pressure not too strong, dead cells will be naturally eliminated after water rinse.

A daily exfoliation is not necessary and not recommended because it ends up weakening the epidermis. It is generally advised to proceed with an exfoliation every 15 days.


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      Nov 9, 2016

      Une exfoliation avec un produit à base d'immortelle est incontestablement le top ! Merci !

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