#Trend: Real Beauty is Natural !

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The nice surprise of the latest New York Fashion Week? The growing trend for natural products and more important the need to be authentic. Back to Basic!
Brigitte ARTILY, founder of KYRNELLA Nature Cosmetics, presents her Immortelle plantations and give explanations about all the benefits this Corsican flower can give to our skin.

The unique botanical heritage of Corsica

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La Corse compte environ 3000 espèces végétales dont 5% sont endémiques. Du fait de son insularité et de la diversité de ses paysages (...)

The thousand virtues of Corsican chestnut

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"As long as we have chestnuts, we will have bread," said general Pascal Paoli. Today, the man of the Enlightenment would certainly claim: "We will have bread ... and life!" In KYRNELLA Nature Cosmetics we ...

The cold temperatures and your skin

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Winter period has started and temperatures, especially in the morning, have dropped down drastically. Irritation, itching, tightness ... our skin requires more care than usual.
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